Clearwater Trails

Clearwater Trails

Clearwater Trails offers a network of mountain biking trails, that are also suitable to runners or walkers, and a 2km section is available for dog walkers. The figure-8 trail features two dams, and bass fishermen can choose to either drive or walk to their desired fishing spot.

Colour-coded loops within loops specify both distances and levels of difficulty for all users, however, regular riders tend to create their own routes in order to add variety and interest to their workouts.

Clearwater Trails are linked to a variety of points of interest for the whole family. From Red Desert to Crags View Wild Care Centre, Beaver Creek Coffee Estate, and Gorge View Deck, a mountain biking outing can be turned into a whole day adventure.

Amazing trail was created with younger mountain bikers in mind, as it inspires the children to appreciate our earth and everything that lives in it. This area is home to a wide range of animals and more than 250 bird species.

Clearwater Trails supports the annual Burry Stander Sardine MTB Classic that starts at the Port Edward Holiday Resort and features two trail run events on the Saturday, and three mountain biking events on the Sunday. The event is hosted in honour of Burry Stander.

Visitors aged 12 and older can join in to experience guided MTB rides on the lush farmlands at Clearwater Trails. The guided rides feature magnificent views for the Indian Ocean and Umtamvuna River Gorge.


How to get there...

Address: Clearwater Farm, D595, P.O.Box 111, Port Edward, 4295

GPS: 31.04615 S 30.16886 E

Best time to visit...

Every day from 6am to 6pm (Summer) & 7am to 5pm (Winter)

Author: Werner van Dyk

Werner enjoys practicing photography and exploring new places. An avid outdoor enthusiast, Werner spends a lot of time taking pictures of the South Coast's beautiful landscapes.

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