Famous Fishing Spots – High Rock, Ladder Rock & Splash Rock

Famous Fishing Spots – High Rock, Ladder Rock & Splash Rock

Fishing is much more than fish.  It is the great occasion when we may return to the fine simplicity of our forefathers.  ~Herbert Hoover

Palm Beach High Rock (S30 59.322 E30 16.500)

This is a well known deep water spot to the south of Trafalgar. Whilst it is a productive fishing spot, it is an awkward fishing platform and not for the novice angler.

Ladder Rock (S31 01.050 E30 15.177)

This is a fishing spot which should only be visited by the novice with the purpose of viewing. Even the most experienced local anglers treat this deep water point with the greatest of respect as many a one has been unexpectedly washed off this point, most often with serious consequences. Be warned!

Splash Rock (S31 02.989 E30 13.779)

Any angler who has visited Port Edward will know Splash Rock. This presents a good, relatively safe deep water fishing platform with safe parking nearby. Full beach amenities are close which will keep the family happy while you take to the rocks. The spot is very popular so it can get crowded, especially in holiday season or when the fish are ‘on the bite’!

Featured image by Rob Ainslie

Charles Kohler

Author: Charles Kohler

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