Famous Fishing Spots – Scottburgh & Pennington

Famous Fishing Spots – Scottburgh & Pennington

There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind.  ~Washington Irving

Scottburgh Point – (S30 16.851 E30 45.542)

You will find this deep water point at Scottburgh main beach.  Not too challenging but be aware of large sets of waves on spring high tides which can wash over the fishing platform.  Lots of parking with amenities in close proximity such as one would expect to find at a main swimming beach which makes this a very family friendly fishing venue.

Umdoni Point – (S30 23.452 E30 41.592)

Situated in Pennington, this is one of the most awesome of deep water fishing spots!  However, it is not easily accessible.  You need to park in front of the last houses (where your car is relatively safe) and walk south, firstly, along an unmaintained ‘road’ which leads to an isolated beach cottage, then take to the railway line near the cottage and walk further for around 200 – 300 meters until you see a path leading off to the left.  Follow this and you will soon catch sight of this amazing fishing spot! It can be a challenging place to fish and you need to keep your eye on the sea at all times, especially spring high tide.  It is also a little isolated so, for the sake safety, take along several fishing buddies.

Charles Kohler

Author: Charles Kohler

Charles is a 'long standing local' who enjoys fishing off his jet-ski, Voodoo Lady. He is co-owner of Xclusive Media Group which publishes a local business directory twice a year.

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