Nikia Art (Nic Grobler)

Nikia Art (Nic Grobler)

Nic Grobler’s art can be viewed at his gallery in Ramsgate, Nikia Art, which stocks some fabulous original sculptures that portray messages of hope.

Nic Grobler is a talented South Coast sculptor who is famous for his meaningful “art with a message.” Nic intertwines his passion for theology with his art to create pieces that portray positive messages and tell stories, many of them Biblical.

Combining his love of fine art with his interest in theology at university level, led Dr Grobler to receive a BA in fine arts, a B.Th degree, an M.Div and Doctorate of Theology. This wealth of knowledge and passion is evident in all his unique pieces.


Nic creates pieces that seek to evoke emotions in the viewer and so, naturally, he has a keen interest in Impressionist work. His work is remarkable in capturing, not only the actions of his subjects, but the emotions they feel. Nature is another source of interest and inspiration for the artist, who has completed several pieces portraying eagles, rhinos, elephants and other wildlife. Nic’s portrait work is truly remarkable and he has created portraits of a past state president, Marais Viljoen and several others.

Nic’s sculptures are displayed in private homes, corporate offices and doctors’ rooms around the country, inspiring hope in their viewers. These bronze sculptures make for excellent, uniquely special gifts for all occasions, or you can add them to your personal art collection.

Some of Nic Grobler’s Sculptures

Who to contact...

Tel: 039 314 9201

Email: [email protected]

How to get there...

Address: 1487 Colin Place, Ramsgate

GPS: S 30’ 54.147 E 30’ 20.039

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