Ramsgate Knit Twits

Ramsgate Knit Twits

As a Ramsgate Tourism Event in June 2014, Hazel Voice and Elsbeth Koen ‘yarnbombed’ the Tanglewood area in Ramsgate in time for the World Wide Knit in Public Day.

During the event about 20 ladies sat under the ‘bombed’ trees, knitting, crocheting, chatting and enjoyed a wonderful day out.  By popular request Hazel started the regular “yarning together group”

…and that is how the Ramsgate’s Knit Twits began.

We meet once a month, for a couple of hours or so. The meetings are twofold:

  1. We get to see one another and do what we love i.e. knit/crochet, chat and put the world to rights
  2. Plan and prepare for our next public event or needy cause.

Our aim is to knit/crochet items for various charities.

  • Bed Socks for the HIV AID’s patients
  • Blankets for needy children
  • Teddies for the Rape Crisis
  • Twiddle muffs for the dementia patients

Other items made, are sold to raise funds for the purchase of more yarn or for donations.

Our chosen charity (this year) is to help Michelle Pearson of Second Chance Avian Rescue in Shelly Beach.

If you would like to join us every month, call Hazel Voice


2016 Knit in Public Day
Our Knit in Public day was such a high and we thank the public for their support and hope to see you at the next event on Heritage Day, 24 September 2016.

The raffle for this blanket was a huge success and our thanks to all who supported us.

The blanket was won by Henie Hugo

The blanket was won by Henie Hugo

A percentage of the funds we raised has been deposited into an account at a local Pet Shop for the purchase of food and required accessories for Second Chance Avian Rescue.

Ramsgate Whale Deck was “Basket Bombed”

2015 Knit in Public Day
For the 2015 World Wide Knit in Public Day, the Ramsgate Knit Twits ‘Beanie Bombed’ the entrance to the Whale View site with over 500 knitted/crochet beanies.  Blankets, bunting, flowers etc. were also on display and for sale.  A percentage of the proceeds were given to the Ramsgate Conservancy, and unsold items were given to the Lions, Rotarians, local orphanages and children’s crèches.

Ramsgate Whale Deck entrance was “Beanie Bombed”

2014 Knit in Public Day

The Ramsgate Tanglewood area was “Yarn Bombed”

Who to contact...

Tel: 083 447 9261

Email: [email protected]

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