The Gaze Gallery

The Gaze Gallery

Opened in 1967, the Gaze Gallery was one of the first art galleries to open its doors on the KZN South Coast.  The gallery was opened directly adjacent to the Waffle House in a building meant to add more seating space to the cafe.

Some of the first renowned artists to exhibit their art were Errol Boyley, Tita Faschiotti, Tony Strickland and  Lucy and Brian Wiles.  The gallery stocks beautiful paintings, sculptures, ceramics, glassware and other crafts.  The Curio and basket shop was started at the same time to give local grafters and weavers an outlet for their unique talents.

Who to contact...

Tel: 039 3144011

Email: [email protected]


Best time to visit...

Trading hours are 9am to 5pm

Special mentions...

The gallery is set inside one of the town's best known restaurants, The Waffle House. Take the time and explore the menu. You won't regret it

Author: Werner van Dyk

Werner enjoys practicing photography and exploring new places. An avid outdoor enthusiast, Werner spends a lot of time taking pictures of the South Coast's beautiful landscapes.

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