The Marine Ramble

The Marine Ramble

The Ramsgate marine ramble is a 6 to 7 kilometer walk. The paths are well kept and easy to follow but expect to get your feet wet crossing secluded empty beaches and small lagoon areas.

There are a number of places you can start from,  depending on how long or far you wish to walk. Keep in mind that it is an “out and back” trail so you will be coming back along the same route. If you only want to go one way, organize a car to pick you up at the finish.

The trail starts from Margate’s tidal pool located about 1 and half kilometers south from the main beach. The first +-3km of the trail is a beach walk. There are no markers just follow the beach towards Ramsgate and enjoy the secluded scenery.

Once you reach Ramsgate’s Pinky rock the trail starts to take shape with paths and bridges. There are no strenuous hills on the walk but you will cover beach and rocky terrain and cross a few small shallow lagoon mouths. Take plenty of water for the beach sections and remember to take your camera.


How to get there...

Start from Southbroom beach and walk towards Margate or from Margate Tidal pool towards Southbroom. You can pick up a map from The Waffle House although the majority of the trail is well marked.

Special mentions...

The trail is kept and maintained by the Ramsgate Conservancy. Please do not litter.

Author: Werner van Dyk

Werner enjoys practicing photography and exploring new places. An avid outdoor enthusiast, Werner spends a lot of time taking pictures of the South Coast's beautiful landscapes.

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